Hair cut & styling

Hair salons prefer to train their staff in-house. Because every salon has a different cutting, styling and colouring style, it is important that the stylists have some consistency in their techniques and the final results. For example, some salons likes sharp haircuts, while other salons prefer softer, feminine shapes.

Although the services takes longer than a regular haircut or colour service,the results is generally outstanding because these trainees are well learned


Our colour team is comprised of our head  of colour, experienced senior colourists who have trained under the best colourists nationwide, as well as some of the best young salon colourists, who have been trained in-house. Our colour team apply specially developed hair colouring techniques to create that perfect natural look to complement your eyes, skin tone and style, as well as working closely with the styling team to ensure perfect all-round results.

Organic Colour Systems Permanent Colour: We want you to have the best and are always researching the market to find the best colours available that really give you the results you are looking for. We also use  Organic Colour Systems so we can offer you a bigger colour range.Organic Colour Systems is a range of long-lasting, permanent hair colours containing certified organic extracts and natural ingredients, which have been formulated to cover all grey hair. With the comprehensive colour range you can have infinite natural tones or exciting fashion colours.